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Pali Albin
Pali Albin
Pali Albin
Pali Albin
Pali Albin


1. the act of immersing someone or something in a liquid;
2. deep mental involvement in something.

Pali Albin’s collection IMMERSION is an experiment on recycling discarded liferafts, resulting in sustainable and visually intriguing pieces using materials originally intended for other purposes rather than fashion. Reimagining old materials as brand new garments have many advantageous facets – Firstly, including ready-made textiles in a collection reduces the impact that fabric production has on the environment. Furthermore, a liferaft that would normally end up in a landfill finds new value on the runway.

IMMERSION illustrates a reality after a geopolitical meltdown. The collection draws inspiration from assault gear, hiking and workwear as well as from literal life-saving equipment, implementing them in a figurative context.

Photography: Onni Aaltonen
Models: Ksenia & Janica
Muah: Jasmiina Walters & Leena Waggoner
Clothes & Styling: Pali Albin
Shoes: Jalas

Pali Albin

For Pali Albin fashion is a way of reflecting the world. He is especially interested in the way meanings are formed and how they vary in relation to the reality around them. In his works, he explores how the interpretation of things and phenomenons are completely different when they are put in a fashion context. Albin tries to show ordinary and everyday objects in a new light by detaching them from their original environment – how the way we look at things on the runway is so different from the way we look at the thing in our everyday life.

As a fashion designer, Pali appreciates carefully designed details and subtle references both to pop culture and current affairs. The details can be discreet and he is not afraid of a more conceptual approach to designing that leaves room for interpretation.

When designing clothes he doesn’t want to leave too much to chance. He aims to control carefully the fit and feel of material designing clean and bold lines. Careful finishing holds the utmost value for him.



Photography: Antti Turunen