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pilvi-laukas designer


The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world and so it’s time for companies, designers and consumers to go to the sustainable way of thinking and act accordingly for those aims. The subject is a very hot topic at the moment and it raises thoughts among people.

Pilvi’s graduate collection is designed for commercial and sustainable perspectives. Pilvi’s challenge with designing the collection was to make the clothing to be commercial; to be up-to-date by the design, and at the same time to be sustainable; to last time in use and to be timeless by style.

TIMES is a collection of men’s urban casual wear. The products have been designed for long-lasting wear by materials and technical solutions. Pilvi has researched sustainability and circulation economy in her thesis and has designed the collection considering those aspects. She has taken into consideration the life cycle of the garments: sustainability in fibre production, diversity, durability, garment maintenance and recycling. Inspiration for the collection was vintage, yellow details and stripes. The collection is designed to be used, not for being art.

With her collection, Pilvi wants to spread awareness about the environmental aspects of the clothing industry and hopes, that consumers would buy clothes for need, not just for fun and every day changing fashion. Fashion and dressing should be a fun and happy thing, but it is important to take into consideration the aspects, what happens behind the fun. It is time to take responsibility into account.

Photography: Elias Kaus
Model: Mikael Niemi
Muah: Jasmine Walters
Clothes & Styling: Pilvi Laukas

Pilvi Laukas

Pilvi Laukas is interested in sustainable approaches what comes to designing clothing. She aims to design for a purpose and for use, and she wants her designs to last as long as possible. Pilvi is also interested in commercial clothing designing, that she aims to design through a sustainable point of view.

In her thesis, Pilvi explores sustainability and commercialism in clothing design and how a designer can affect the sustainability of the products.

In the future, Pilvi wants to be a more responsible and conscious designer and she wants to take part in developing the clothing industry to be more sustainable.



Photography: Antti Turunen